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Managing Business For Christ (popularly known as 'MBFC') is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to the marketplace. Our vision is of a world where businesses and business practices align with Christ's vision for business. We provide business mentorship, professional guidance, and consulting services to our members.


Our mission is simple: To help business people and organizations come to a deeper understanding of Godly-business practices, so they can subsequently align their business practices with the principles of Jesus Christ.

We strongly believe in following right business practices, good governance, anti-corruption, fair play, and fostering positive business environments both within and between organizations.

We believe that the business world will be a better, healthier place if businesses would imbibe these qualities and make their goals to prosper according to God’s own vision of prosperity, which is one that involves wholeness and wellness, not just of the balance sheet, but of the soul, the people, the customers, and the society at large.

How do we go about our mission?

  • We provide a safe environment for businesses to access the information and learning they need to grow.
  • We also convene meetings for our members to discuss their experiences and pains and rub minds with others and find practical solutions to their challenges. 
  • We also connect experts in various fields (legal, accounting, taxation, regulatory bodies, etc) to members who may need assistance or advice in such areas. These are often provided at virtually no cost to members.
  • At members’ request, we hold business clinics, where we delve deep into a member’s business operations in order to identify source(s) causing a reported problem and recommend solutions to the ailment.

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