The Belbin Test

To identify self team role preferences.


To complete each section of this inventory, please identify the two or three sentences most applicable to yourself. 

Then apportion 10 points between those sentences you have ticked, thus indicating the relative extent to which each applies.

For example, in one section you might feel there are only three sentences that apply to you: one which you feel sums you up well while the other two only apply some of the time. In this instance you could give your first choice six points and the remaining points to your second and third choice.

In some instances you might decide that there are two sentences, which apply to you equally; if this is the case, award five points to each. If the two points apply to different extents, then allocate your scores accordingly.

Ready To Begin?

Remember: You must allocate all 10 points in each section.

Section A

When involved in a project with other people:


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