We Develop Excellent Tools For Gathering Client Feedback.

Our uniquely designed web forms help you better collect data, accept payments, and automate your business processes.

Any business can benefit from collecting honest and specific client feedback. Our forms allow you to do this in two ways:

Firstly, we help enlighten you of areas where you may improve in order to keep your consumers pleased. Customer retention and satisfaction are both improved as a result of this.

Secondly, we also help your business develop a strong brand image, which will attract more customers.


As a result, our forms are not just data collection and lead generation tools, but also business enhancing tools.

Great FormWork!

XF Forms allow you to create surveys to collect input from customers, gauge staff happiness, and plan team events. Whether you're making surveys, quizzes, or other forms, XF Forms capture responses in real time and automatically visualize data for deeper insights and in-depth analysis.

One-Stop Form Shop

XF Forms are incredibly adaptable, and they may be used for a variety of purposes. If you own a company that sells a product or service, you might want to find out what your consumers think. Students may use XF Forms to obtain qualitative data for research projects, and marketers can use them to turn visitors into leads.

E-Commerce Functionality

On request, XF Forms come integrated with online payment options courtesy of our payment partners, which include PayPal and Stripe.

Data Flexibility

XF Forms also allow you to capture large amounts of data and analyze it using comprehensive reporting and analytics. Data may be transmitted to a CRM or marketing automation system on the fly using our automated processes.